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Dynamic Light and Shade

"Mastery of light and shade - rendered with accuracy and expressive power - is the key to three-dimensional form in drawing and painting. Here is the first book on this essential subject, the product of years of study by one of the world's great teachers of drawing and an artist of international renown."

Dynamic Light and Shade

“Light is one of the dominating agencies in life and progress, for it is essential to our most important and educative sense vision. The possibilities of lighting extend into all those activities which make their appeal to human consciousness through the doorway of vision."
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We visually perceive the world around us because of light, and the shadows cast by that light give everything its depth and definition. To recreate the illusion of depth in art, one must have a deep understanding of the concept of light and shadow.

Three dimensional design and animation achieves realism through a variety of light sources and surface types. Wondrous visual depth is achieved in film and photography through carefully planned lighting as well.

The concept is a critical fundamental of all visual artistic mediums, and this site is dedicated to promoting this knowledge throughout the art community. Whether you are a professional artist or simply someone interested in learning more about art, we hope you will find something valuable during your visit to The Art of Revealing.

Intricacies of Illumination
Artistic Lighting

Intricacies of Illumination
  -Forms of Light
  -Subjective Response

Light comes in many forms.  It can be a strongly directed beam, or soft and diffused.  It can be ambient or volumetric.  The effect that these and many other types of light have on objects is also dependant on the type of surface it illuminates.  Some surfaces absorb light.  Some surfaces reflect it.  Some surfaces have a combination of effects.  The Intricacies of Illumination section goes into detail on the types of light and surfaces, and the effects they have when combined.


Artistic Lighting
  -Traditional 2D Art
  -Digital 2D Art
  -3D Art and Animation

Light is a critical aspect in a variety of mediums.  This section goes into detail on several common types of creative art and how light plays a part in the industry.  Traditional and digital 2D art is covered here, along with 3D art and animation, photography, and film.